Time Lapse. Amazing time lapse and stop motion videos

Time Lapse

BlackBerry 10

Capture amazing time lapse scenes with the all new Time Lapse application for your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone.

With just the click of a button you can start the recording and leave the phone capturing images at a predefined interval to finally compile them into a nice time lapse video.

If you prefer so, you can also switch to the stop motion mode to create your own animations of anything you can imagine, from dancing LEGO figures, to vegetable figthing on the kitchen.

Main features of Time Lapse are:

  • Time Lapse mode: capture a frame every N seconds
  • Stop Motion mode: capture each frame at your wish
  • Three different resolutions: 384×216, 640×360 and 1280×720 (HD)
  • Overlap image on Stop Motion mode to keep track of last image
  • Timeline to view all your captured images
  • Configurable FPS

Time Lapse is available right now on BlackBerry World. Download it right now!